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Rob Robichaud

Enhancing the customer experience through smart meter technology

At NB Power, we are committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable electricity at low and stable rates, while providing quality customer service, advancing our grid, and paying down debt. That’s why we are working with Siemens, a global energy technology leader, to build a smarter, stronger, more resilient and efficient power grid that will respond to evolving customer expectations, new technologies and climate change realities.

Rob Robichaud, Energy Advisor, will discuss how we are building a new digital electricity system and how these investments will benefit our customers now and into the future

Rob Robichaud is an Energy Advisor with NB Power and has been proudly working for the utility for over two decades. NB Power’s Energy Advisors help residential, commercial and industrial customers use less energy through highly customized discussions and site visits focusing on a specific meter’s ‘energy history report’ with all of the seasonal, mechanical, internal and external influences that affect it. He also communicates with customers about our various efficiency incentive programs

Chris Franklin

To Build or not to Build…That is the question!

Some may say building a new home is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be!! Chris Franklin from Chris Franklin Signature Homes will walk you through the process and identify the key areas you, as the buyer, should know to ensure a smooth building process from start to finish. Greg Cormier from Lux New Home Warranty will review the benefits of a home warranty and Jeff LeBlanc from Cottage to Castle Home Inspections will share the benefits of having your new home inspected before closing day and Devon Babineau, Realtor at Keller Williams Capital Realty will provide information to help you stay inline with re-sale value.

Chris Franklin, Certified Master Builder & R2000 builder

Chris has built over 200 homes in the Moncton & surrounding areas and has received numerous awards. He extends individualized attention and support to produce quality homes. His hands on quality construction practices and personal interaction with customers are the hallmarks of a Chris Franklin Signature Home.

Chris has won the “Customer Choice award for New Brunswick” through the Atlantic Home Warranty program, the “Most Efficient Home in Moncton” award, presented by Canadian Home Builders Association and most recently, the “Best Home Design in New Brunswick” presented by CHBA.

Kim Eagles

Kim Eagles

Kim Eagles is the author of two books ‘Release The Clutter’ and ‘Solving The Downsizing Dilemma’. Founder of Kaos Solutions, a full service decluttering, downsizing and estate clearing company in the Greater Moncton Area, she is a Professional Organizer and Declutter Coach. Since 2005 she has been helping families clear the excess in their life with calm and ease. She is on a mission to calm the world of the chaos that overwhelms us!

SEMINAR TOPIC: Downsizing and Decluttering – Your Kids Don’t Want All Your Stuff!

Has Mario Kondo inspired you to start decluttering but you are getting stuck in the overwhelm? Don’t burden your kids with inheriting all that stuff, it’s time to take action now!  Let Professional Organizer and Declutter Coach Kim Eagles walk you through the steps of downsizing and decluttering.  In this seminar, you will learn to identify the type of clutter you have, how to sort it all out and get great tips and tricks to help you maneuver through the process of letting go, without passing all that on for your family to deal with.

Jeff LeBlanc

Jeff LeBlanc is a life-long resident of the Greater Moncton area, living in Riverview with his wife Jeannette and his 2 children, Abby and Evan.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Mathematics from UNB in Fredericton. He was an award-winning Realtor in the Greater Moncton area from 2006-2013. Jeff founded Cottage to Castle Home Inspection Services in 2014 and has grown that business to include 4 inspectors to serve their client’s inspection needs (950 inspections in 2017). Jeff became of aware of Radon and its harmful effects while attending a home inspection conference in 2015 in the US. Upon further investigation, he became aware of the high levels of Radon gas in New Brunswick and decided to get involved in this new industry in an effort to reduce our local lung cancer rates.

Jeff received his Radon Measurement certification from the U.S. National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) in 2015. He was then re-certified under the Canadian guidelines (C-NRPP) as a Certified Measurement and a Certified Mitigator in 2016. Jeff, along with his business partners, Chris Franklin and Mike LeBlanc, founded Radon Repair Inc in the fall of 2016.

Jeff has been actively educating as many people as he can about Radon and its potential dangers to anyone who will listen. He has given info sessions to the local Real estate offices and is willing and available to answer all of your Radon related questions.

Jeff attended the National Radon Conference in Montreal, Quebec in 2016, where he took an Advanced Radon Mitigation course and is looking forward to this year’s conference in Ottawa where he will add more Radon education and network with Radon stakeholders from across Canada.

Radon Repair Inc. has mitigated several homes in the Greater Moncton area with 100% success rate. Radon Repair is excited to be a part of the Radon reduction movement in our area. If all affected homes in Canada were mitigated we could potentially reduce annual lung cancer deaths in Canada by over 3000!

Devon Babineau

“Putting the real in Realtor®…because people matter!”

Devon Babineau is an accomplished business woman with 25+ years in Marketing, Sales, Analytics and Negotiation with two major companies in Atlantic Canada. In her early 30’s, Devon became fascinated with home renovations and after countless hours of watching HGTV, she gained the courage to renovate her own home and started by enrolling in an Interior Design program through the Sheffield School of Interior Design in New York City. Devon also read many renovation “how-to” books and thus learned how to install hardwood flooring and tile, remove and repair walls, remodel kitchens and bathrooms along with how to install drain tile for exterior patios and landscaping projects.

At the end of her corporate career, Devon and her son purchased their first home to renovate and to resell (flip) and to ensure they understood the housing market, Devon obtained her Realtor’s® license. This venture quickly turned into a successful renovation company (The Reno Team Inc. which her son still operates today) and an award winning Real Estate career.

Devon is still flipping houses today (checkout for past and current projects) and is setting the pace in local real estate by creating a strong legacy of satisfied clients. Her client-centric approach combined with her extensive knowledge of marketing, local real estate trends, construction and renovation allows her to help those who purchase or sell their home maximize and realize profit.

Rhea Gallant

SEMINAR TOPIC: What could possibly go wrong!

The Seniors Information Centre in partnership with the Greater Moncton Home Show will again be presenting the Seniors’ Seminar.  What could possibly go wrong!  Basically, a lot can happen if you’re not informed. Should you be buying, selling, building, renovating or downsizing; for many it could be an overwhelming experience or a risk of being a costly venture. If you’re planning on any of these initiatives in the near future, this is a good time to become better informed.  Make the most of the opportunity to talk to presenters who are expert in their own field and avoid potential pitfalls.  This special event will lead off a series of additional seminars of interest led by industry experts throughout the weekend. Limited seating.


  • Rhéa Gallant, Executive Director, Senior Information Centre
  • Devon Babineau, Founder and Realtor, One Stop Home Pros
  • Cpl. Christy Elliott, Community Policing Unit, Codiac Regional RCMP
  • Peter Beardsworth, Barrister and Solicitor
About the Presenter Rhea Gallant

Rhea Gallant is the Coordinator at the Seniors Information Centre. Her twenty plus years experience in both administration and as Program Director in community services has benefited several non-profit organizations in Ontario and New Brunswick.

Always an avid learner, her knowledge and training extends towards a humanistic, holistic and cultural approach. Her attention to details with changing demographics and client needs has been invaluable in the development of innovative client care services. She regularly contributes in writing a column in the PrimeTime magazine as well as volunteering, mentoring, and fundraising.

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