Rob Robichaud

Enhancing the customer experience through smart meter technology

At NB Power, we are committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable electricity at low and stable rates, while providing quality customer service, advancing our grid, and paying down debt. That’s why we are working with Siemens, a global energy technology leader, to build a smarter, stronger, more resilient and efficient power grid that will respond to evolving customer expectations, new technologies and climate change realities.

Rob Robichaud, Energy Advisor, will discuss how we are building a new digital electricity system and how these investments will benefit our customers now and into the future

Rob Robichaud is an Energy Advisor with NB Power and has been proudly working for the utility for over two decades. NB Power’s Energy Advisors help residential, commercial and industrial customers use less energy through highly customized discussions and site visits focusing on a specific meter’s ‘energy history report’ with all of the seasonal, mechanical, internal and external influences that affect it. He also communicates with customers about our various efficiency incentive programs