March 17, 18, and 19, 2023 at the Moncton Coliseum

  • Fri. 3pm – 9pm
  • Sat. 10am – 8pm
  • Sun. 10am – 4pm

Rules & Regulations


The Greater Moncton Home Show has the right to decline any application or exhibit without any reason.

The Greater Moncton Home Show also may request that an applicant furnish proof of his qualifications or of his interest in the goods to be exhibited.


The Show display area to be used for The Moncton Home Show is divided into three sections:


The space request form must be accompanied by a 25% deposit of the price for the space applied for, with the balance due no later than January 14th, 2023. If booked after January 14th, full amount is due upon confirmation of booth space. If you were a 2020 exhibitor and wish maintain your existing booth space – all deposits must be received prior to November 25th, 2022. If your deposit is not received at this time, your booth will be released and made available to new exhibitors.


Exhibitors cancelling their participation in the Greater Moncton Home Show after registering shall be liable for 50% of the total amount due.


In-booth contests are encouraged as a way making contacts and increasing traffic to your booth. If you plan to offer contest/prizing, please complete this Form and return to show management. GMHS will be happy to promote your contest online (Facebook/Website) and announce winners after the show.


All requests for space are made and subject to these rules and regulations and must be made under proper forms acquired from the offices of The Greater Moncton Home Show.
The desired allotment of space must be included in the space request form. Any requests for alterations or additions should be made no later than thirty (30) days prior to the opening of the show.

If the Moncton Home Show is not satisfied that the size and or range of the exhibit warrants the allotment of the area applied for, or the possibility of duplication of same product, they reserve the right to limit the space allocated.

The Greater Moncton Home Show reserves the right to define the areas within which allocations may be made for the varying exhibitors, with a view to the orderly arrangements to the show.


In the event of the exhibitors failure to pay the instalments of space charged upon due dates, the allocation made to the exhibitor shall be void, and the space dealt with at the discretion of The Greater Moncton Home Show.


No exhibitor shall sublet any part of the space allotted to them. Exchanges of space may only be made at the discretion of The Moncton Home Show.


We ask all exhibitors to show consideration for neighbouring exhibitors. In booth space the rear drape is 8' high by 10' wide with side walls being 3' high by 10' wide extending to your front booth opening. We ask that you do not block the view from an aisle in either direction. Exhibitors not to stand in aisles. Please note that no balloons, suckers, popcorn, pop or stick-on decals will be permitted to be sold or given away by the exhibitor. * * * See registration form.


In bulk space, we ask everyone not to build walls higher than 8 ft. (unless exhibit warrants additional space for doors, windows, cabinets, etc.).We ask that all exhibits have a "FINISHED LOOK" whenever visible by the public.


The exhibitor must occupy the space allotted to them by at least noon of the day of the show opening, otherwise The Greater Moncton Home Show may deal with the space at their own discretion and require the space money already paid to be forfeited.


Working exhibits are acceptable (as long as they do not impede with the free flow of traffic), but only compressed air or electricity shall be used for their operation. Whistles, horns or sirens may not be sounded.

In order to satisfy The Greater Moncton Home Show's requirements, any machinery in motion must be well guarded at all times.


All exhibits are subject to the requirements of the City of Moncton Fire Prevention Office. All fuel tanks must be sealed and batteries are connected. Operation of internal combustion engines are not permitted during the show. No highly flammable substances or explosive shall be exhibited.
Please remember that all exhibits are at all times at the absolute risk of the exhibitor.


All signage or fixtures to be hung above 8ft on your booth structure or from ceiling panels, must be hung by Darwin Event Group. This is for safety and liability issues mandated by the Moncton Coliseum. Please contact Darwin Event Group for pricing.


Electrical outlet is not provided with booth and bulk space if required. If you should require electrical outlets please advise our office prior to show opening. The exhibitor shall be responsible for any additional costs pertaining to additional electrical requirements.


The Greater Moncton Home Show's permission must be obtained in order to install a projector in a booth or an office. The application must be accompanied by full details including a sketch showing the position of the projector, screen or any seating to be installed.

Please note that screens must be placed so they cannot be viewed directly from the aisles and sound must be muted so that it does not disturb surrounding booths (over).


The exhibitor shall be responsible for the expense of the booth to be erected. All exhibitors shall conform to the requirements laid down by The Greater Moncton Home Show.

We will provide one (1) 8' back wall and two (2) 3' side walls for each booth space. All booths to have professional flooring. The Official Show contractor for The Greater Moncton Home Show is Darwin Event Group. No other person(s) may be used to provide the same services as The Show Contractor. Rental kits will be available from Darwin Event Group.


There will be no empty crates stored in booths. Accommodations at the complex premises for storage of crates and packing materials will be arranged by The Greater Moncton Home Show. Disposal charges may be billed to the exhibitor, if any empties are not removed from the storage area 24 hours after the end of the show and will become the property of The Greater Moncton Home Show.


Please note that all articles placed in the complex shall be at all times at the exhibitor's own risk and that The Greater Moncton Home Show shall not be responsible for any loss or damage occurring to any exhibit or properties of the exhibitor from any cause whatsoever.

With the written consent from The Greater Moncton Home Show, night watchmen may be employed by the exhibitor. Security personnel will be provided by The Greater Moncton Home Show to guard the show overall, but cannot provide complete security for each individual booth, and accepts no responsibility in any way related to security.


All damages done by any exhibitor or their employees, whether to the complex premises or to properties of the Coliseum Complex or their contractors, shall be for the expense of the exhibitor.


The Greater Moncton Home Show will refund any deposits or charges for spaces that have been received in the event of circumstances arising that The Greater Moncton Home Show feels it necessary to abandon the show prior to the opening. Written notice shall be given to each exhibitor in case of abandonment.


All exhibitors shall establish himself/herself as protector of the property. The Exhibitor shall insure its merchandise against fire, theft and all perils. Exhibitors are required to maintain public liability insurance to a minimum of $1,000,000.00. Proof of insurance required. Fill out this Form.


Written consent must be obtained from The Greater Moncton Home Show, before any displays exhibited can be sold prior to the official closing of the show. There will be no "sold" notices or the likes permitted on any exhibits during the show.


Advertisements, price lists, etc. shall only be disbursed from exhibitors own booth and must pertain only to exhibitors own goods.


The exhibitor cannot place any person(s) upon any space other than that allotted to them. There is to be no advertising done by an attendant while walking the Exhibition Premises. Also note that audible means shall not be used to attract the attention of the public.


The preparation and distribution of tickets, price of entry and any means of admission to the premises, shall be the responsibility of The Greater Moncton Home Show.


Before the removal of exhibits from the show, all charges pertaining to show must be paid in full.


The Greater Moncton Home Show reserves the right to determine what, if any refund will be granted to the exhibitor in the event of a cancellation by an exhibitor.


The Exhibitor and Exhibition are subject to the bylaws and rules and regulations applying to the Exhibition Premises. The Terms and conditions of The Greater Moncton Home Show's agreement with the City of Moncton also applies to the exhibitor. Reproduction by any means of sound or picture recording or transmission in whole or in part of any portion of THE GREATER MONCTON HOME SHOW 2023 without written consent from the committee is prohibited.


The exhibitor will indemnify and save harmless Greater Moncton Home Show Inc. of and from all liabilities, fines, suits, claims, demands or actions of any kind or nature to which Greater Moncton Home Show Inc. shall or may become liable for or suffer by reason of any breach, violation or non-performance by the exhibitor of any covenant, term or provision hereof, or by reason of any injury or death resulting from, occasioned to or suffered by any person or persons or any property by reason of any act, neglect or default on the part of the exhibitor or any of its agents, employees, customers, guests or invitees such indemnification in respect of any such breach, violation or non-performance, damage to property, injury or death occurring during the term of the lease shall survive any termination of this agreement, anything in this agreement to the contrary notwithstanding.

The exhibitor agrees that if and whenever and to the extent that Greater Moncton Home Show Inc. shall be prevented, delayed or restricted in whole or in part in the fulfillment of any obligations under this agreement by reason of weather, strikes or work stoppages, failure of any service or utility whether or not under the control of the Greater Moncton Home Show Inc., by reason of any statute, law or regulation preventing, delaying or restricting this fulfillment, or inability to obtain any permission from any governmental or other body having jurisdiction, or any cause beyond the reasonable ability to control of Greater Moncton Home Show Inc., Greater Moncton Home Show Inc. shall have no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage sustained by the exhibitor by reason thereof and any further action is at the sole discretion of Greater Moncton Home Show Inc.


  • To decide what meaning is to be placed on any expression used in the rules and regulations of The Greater Moncton Home Show.
  • To add, delete, alter any of these regulations.
  • To refuse admission, require the removal of any article from the exhibition without giving any reason.
  • No claims shall be made against The Greater Moncton Home Show or committee for damages in respect of any refusal or removal.
  • The exhibitor agrees to the Rules & Regulations of The Greater Moncton Home Show, upon payment of deposit.
  • All matters pertaining to the show not covered by these rules and regulations will be decided on by The Greater Moncton Home Show whose decision will be final.